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A modern clipboard manager that is built for developer productivity. Access your clipboard history even after your computer restarts. Share code snippets instantly on, and archive your snippets for long term usage. Stay on task and remember to take breaks throughout the day with a built in pomodoro timer.

How it works.

Cliplo watches your clipboard and saves entries as they are copied throughout the day.

  • A persistent local database keeps your clipboard history so that you can revisit it even after you have restarted your computer.
  • Save any past clipboard entry to be archived for future use, and edit entries to add or remove content as needed.
  • Clear you clipboard history when you want to tidy things up, and cut out some clutter.
  • Cliplo also keeps track of what application you copy items from, what the original tab/document name was, and it will also analyze clipboard content to tag your clipboard entries automatically.

Carbon at the click of a button.

Take any clipboard entry and export it out into a Carbon image.

Use Carbon to share your code snippets on twitter, medium, and other social media outlets.

Pomodoro Timer

This is somewhat a personal feature, as I use a Pomodoro timer in my everyday workflow to help take consistent breaks and maintain focus.

Customize Cliplo

Cliplo comes loaded with over 45 different themes for the clipboard snippet styling thanks to the CodeMirror library. You can also customize the color scheme of the user interface with any colors you would like!

Interested in learning more?
Contact me to sign up for the beta testing program,
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